About the Family

TimeCapsule was born in the late months of 2018 in Buffalo, NY.

Two college students, and long-time friends were attending the same college.

Jon and Alex are excited for what the TimeCapsule brand can do to bring people together, and look forward to the community growing alongside the company in the years to come.

Our story begins...

TimeCapsule Family Connections came from an idea session that our founder, Jonathan Wess, had over lunch with a friend. Jon grew up with a single mother, losing his father when he was four years old. While in college for entrepreneurship, he wanted to find a way to help kids that have also lost a parent young. The answer to that question was Timecapsule. 

In October of 2018, Timecapsule would win the Canisius Shark Tank Competition and Jon would ask Alexander Wilson to join the team. From there, the two founders would work hard at creating a way to make it possible to talk to someone after they have passed away. 

After testing many different possibilities, they would use a 360 camera and a virtual reality headset to record people telling their story. This would ensure our family can come back and hear your voice and sit in the same room as you again, even after you are gone. 

Even though leaving a legacy is important to us, we also use this service to help people to record themselves as a personal video journal so they can see just how much they changed. We believe that every story is important and that you should have control over your own legacy.

The TimeCapsule Family Team Founders

Jonathan Wess

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan founded the company in 2018. He has a double major in Political Science and Entrepreneurship from Canisius College, Class of 2021. He has more than 7 years’ experience in business and management. Jonathan is devoted to making sure that every story is heard, and every opinion is listened to.

Alexander Wilson

Chief Innovation Officer

As Co-founder of the company, Alex has brought a new view point and that helps the company to innovate into the future. As a recent graduate of Canisius College in Finance, he brings to the table a well-rounded and thoughtful view on new ideas. He has more than 7 years’ experience in customer service which will help us to tell everyone’s story.

Let's build something great together.